Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Note to Self, Happy Holidays, Falalala Whatever, Change is in the Air!

C & C Factory
Mixed Media on Wood

So 2014 is almost in the books, and I am not a great blogger.  Since starting this blog back in 2010 I feel that I have been a below average blogger.  And really this blog is for me so why can't I seem to get it together and get it on track?  That is my big question to myself.  To kind of answer this I am not giving myself and my art work the respect we deserve.  I am awful at scheduling for myself and my interests.  So I am challenging myself to to make one post a month for the whole year of 2015.  Each post needs to be more than a picture.  I am going to schedule myself some time to sit down with distractions turned off and give myself the respect I deserve.  I need to do this it will help me with the things I am interested in, I challenge myself to post a picture of something that I find interesting, a picture of a completed or in progress art work, to write a short paragraph of whats new in my life or what is happening that is exciting, anything that I would like to change and why.  With this I would like to visit or spend time with others as well not all the time since I am kind of a home body once I get home take of the shoes and eat some food.  I once or twice a month thing, and it can be different people each month or the same but get out  there see shit make friend or reacquaint with old ones.  I already know of some new things that will be happening this coming year some sad and some exciting many both.  I hope to share them as they come along here. 

So the Season is the Holidays and I am not much of a Holidays kind of person.  I think it gets me down for some reason and I'm not really sure why.  Oh there is the not seeing my family and I come from a family that likes to get together and party for any reason but all I have to do is go visit and that can happen.  It could be not seeing my niece and nephew I remember all the fun I had as a kid this time of year, but really they are still pretty young so what will they remember I don't remember to much form when I was there ages.  I do know that working part time a Home Depot during this time of year is not helping it is just another way for me to be stuck in the greediness of  The United States of America, cause really who the hell really does that much holiday shopping at a big box home repair store (sad face).  Add to it that holiday music (mostly Christmas) has been playing since Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations have been for sale since Halloween.  It just makes me sad.

Fake Goodness (Experiment)
Latex Acrylic on recylcled materials

Change is coming I don't know much yet but I will be waiting.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Install shot from Selfsies

Selfies With a Small Fry 
 Mixed Media on Panel 
48” x 96”
Image courtesy of E.G. Schempf

Sunday, April 6, 2014


 Image courtesy of E.G. Schempf

Image courtesy of E.G. Schempf

If you missed the Selfsies here are two  install shots of the show.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Studio Space

Hi all here is the first view of my newest studio space.
(photo courtesy of Kendra Werst)
This is the cleanest it will be and was I have been busy since moving in around the beginning of last month.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hi all I have to say this Fall has been just like my whole past two years kind of fucked up and crazy.  So here is some news, I have been with out a studio for about 2 months now,  new one should be ready real so though and I am super excited to meet new people and get back to work.  Second bit is that I just got a new to me laptop since my other one crashed back in September and it is going to be a bit before I start posting pic's again.  I am teaching again back up in St. Joe Mo at MWSU I have 3 classes this semester so that's pretty awesome and the more I work up there the more I realize I need to go back to school and get my MFA.  Still have a solo show at City Ice Arts this Spring first friday of March 2014 still no show title though.  Hoping to go visit my family for xmas that is all.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Makes My Head Hurt

Small painting in progress for the Spring Show that is Untitled at this point but is at City Ice Arts.  
In Progress
mixed media on panel